Q:  Help!  My glass arrived broken!

A:  That's awful!  So long as you're reporting this within 48 hours of your item's arrival at your doorstep, we can help you!  Please take three pictures of the following:

1. The label on the box

2. The condition of the box/packaging.  Any rips? Tears?  Visible damage?

3. The best picture you can get of the damage to the item.

Email those to info@renegadeglass.com and we'll take care of you!


Q:  What will this purchase show up as on my credit card?

A:  All purchases made show up as "SP * Renegade" 


Q:  What are your hours?

A:  We are open and operating Monday through Friday, 9AM-5:30PM PST.


Q:  When will you ship my order?

A:  All orders placed before 2PM PST (California Time!) will be processed to ship the same day.  If you place your order after that time, it's not guaranteed to go out the same day, but will go out the next business day.


Q:  Where will this ship from?

A:  The same place our glass is made, Anaheim, California!


Q:  I live outside the continental US, can you ship me glass?

A:  The short answer is yes!  The longer answer is maybe - Aside from Canada, where we can absolutely ship, we ship internationally on a case by case basis.  Have a specific question about shipping to your country?  Email us!  Info@RenegadeGlass.com


Q:  What will the box look like when it shows up?

A:  It will look like a normal brown or white box, with no obvious stickers or branding that would point to the contents.  We will address it to you with your name unless you provide us with other instructions!


Q:  Where is Renegade Glass made?

A:  All our glass is made right here in the USA - More specifically Anaheim, California.