5 Comedians to watch in 2021

With most of the major comedy clubs shut down due to Covid-19, and an entire nation streaming content religiously, finding new comedy specials can be a tough ask. However, a handful of comics have risen to the occasion and created fantastic specials and content for this “new normal”.

 Here are some of the best stand up comics that you should be paying attention to in 2021:

  • Andrew Shultz

  • Andrew Shultz has taken America by storm over the last few years and even more so during quarantine. He was the most viewed standup comic on YouTube in both 2019 and 2020, averaging a whopping 4 million views per week. 

    At the beginning of quarantine Shultz began releasing a weekly update video where he broke down and clowned all of the major headlines for the week. He tackled subjects from the me-too movement, to the BLM movement, hypocrisy in Hollywood and everything in between. These videos got so much traction he was just signed by Netflix to put his show on their platform. The show is called Shultz saves America and is available to stream right now. 

    The New York native made a name for himself with his in-your-face style of humor, and released a special last year on youtube of just his crowdwork. The man knows how to work a room, and all of his comedy can be found on his youtube page for free! Go check him out.

  • Sam Morrill

  • Sam Morrill (another NYC comic) has not let this pandemic stop him from     performing, writing, and producing content for everyone. The former intern on The Colbert Report first showcased his dry understated humor on The Late Show with Steven Colbert in 2016, but has since been on a wild tear of comedy creation on his instagram as well as youtube. His first special was released last year by Comedy Central on their youtube page and was wildly successful with over 5 million views. 

    The New York City quarantine has shut down all comedy clubs, but Sam Morrill got the idea to just film and produce his own by stitching together sets from rooftops all over New York City. The special is titled “Up on the roof” and can be found on YouTube.

  • Eric Andre

  • Eric Andre’s bizarre slapstick style of comedy has gotten him international recognition in his show “The Eric Andre Show” on adult swim. He released his first stand up comedy special last year called “Legalize Everything” and lived up to his reputation for wild antics, political commentary, and yes….a lot of drugs. 

    You can watch “Legalize everything” right now on youtube, just buckle up. It’s a wild ride. 

  • Tim Dillon

  • Tim Dillon is a WILDMAN, his instagram videos as well as his multiple appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience have thrust him into the spotlight, and the comedy world is better for it. He had a video go viral where he dressed up as Meghan Mccain.. He did NOT pull any punches. His non stop punchline style is highlighted on his podcast “The Tim Dillon SHow” where punchlines flow through him in a bizarre but brilliant stream of consciousness. 

    You can find his 15 minute special on Netflix streaming now, but Tim’s best work lives on his instagram, youtube, and patreon accounts. 

  •  Taylor Tomlinson

  • The youngest on this list by far, Taylor has taken the comedy world by surprise and has her own full special on Netflix by the age of 25. “Quarter life Crisis” is a hilarious special that showcases her skills as a performer, great timing, writing, and physical act outs keep you engaged and entertained. Taylor talks about all the “issues” millennials deal with during these wild times, and we can’t wait to see what she puts out next. 

    Taylor has begun touring again in the states that have not been affected as heavily by covid, and we are looking forward to her next special.

    Did we miss anyone on this list? Be sure to comment below!