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Renegade Branded Downstem - 3 Sizes Available

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Welcome to Renegade Glass!

This 14mm/18mm Renegade Branded Downstem features a highly functional 6-slit perc, a low-profile ground glass joint, and they are always available here in the three most popular sizes - 3.5", 4.0" & 5.0"


  • Renegade Glass branding - Black Label 
  • 18mm male exterior joint
  • 14mm male interior joint
  • Accepts 14mm glass-on-glass male accessories

Don't wait until tragedy strikes, at these affordable prices it makes sense to always have a backup Renegade Glass downstem on deck!

Looking to upgrade or replace some of the essential parts of your favorite glass water pipes, bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, and more? Renegade Glass offers a handy selection of heavy duty and high quality American made boro glass accessories to keep your sesh lit!