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Renegade Inline Tube - 3 Colors

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Welcome Renegade's new top shelf dab rig collection!

These affordable, high quality American made boro glass dab rigs are proudly crafted in Anaheim, California.

Now for a limited time when you buy a Renegade Glass Oil Beaker dab rig you will receive a FREE 12" T-CASE! The 12" T-Case is the perfect odor-proof, crush-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof hard shell protective equipment case for your new rig to help you keep it safe in style!


This 11" tall Renegade Oil Beaker dab rig is the perfect daily driver to savor the flavor of your favorite extracts, wax & concentrates, offering HUGE diffusion and terps in a discrete and portable piece. The classic straight tube neck on this classic water pipe leads down to a rippin' multi-slit perc at the end of the downstem. This dope design comes in 3 eye-catching color labels. If you are seeking scientific glass at its finest, look no further than Renegade Glass.

  • 11" tall
  • Renegade Glass - 3 vibrant label options
  • Renegade Glass Downstem - 14mm female joint
  • Standard clear 14mm male slide/bowl included
  • Wide flared base gives greater stability
  • Flared lip on mouthpiece
  • Multi-slit diffusion on downstem
  • Glass on glass fitting, ideal for 14mm male quartz bangers
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable, stylish, durable
  • American made glass

The classic straight tube bong from Renegade Glass is available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors that put some new twists on an all-time favorite. Whether you are looking for a male or female joint, a fixed downstem or removable, Renegade Glass bongs offer enough accessories & options that you're sure to find one to match your style and your budget. Perfect for blazing flowers, and useful for your dabs too, Renegade Glass is always crafted with thick and durable borosilicate tubing and always made in the U.S.A. in Anaheim, California
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