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Clean Sweep - The Top 5 Bong Cleaners

Clean Sweep - The Top 5 Bong Cleaners Sigh... Nothing takes you back to your proverbial youth, whether that be 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, than a nasty dirty pipe.  Unlike most things, pipes don't get dirty from dis-use and neglect, but rather from exuberant and abundant use - just how we like it.  Here at Renegade Glass, we know that you want to put your daily driver back to work, but you'll need a little help first.  That's why we've narrowed down the top 5 pipe cleaners for your careful consideration! 1. Formula 420   Formula 420 is the industry standard for a reason!  They have a broad selection of excellent products and are well known within...

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Renegade Glass is On Sale for the Summer!

Summer is Finally Here, and the Renegade Glass Team Wants you to Celebrate in Style! Proudly manufactured in Anaheim, CA, is your one stop shop for Beakers, Straight Tubes & the Accessories you need to stay smoking all summer long - 10% Off for this month only! Looking for a straight tube that will make the perfect, sleek daily driver?  Check out the 14" Pinched Tube, normally $75, Now $67.50! Is small and discreet more your style?  We have three lovely little 8.5" Straight Tubes, in Clear, Black and Blue! Save 10% on all this summer, right here, with no coupon code.  Once $60, this sweet little guy will only set you back $54! Is a beaker more your...

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Heavy Weighs the Head: Renegade Glass' Line of 9mm Pipes

Heavy Weighs the Head: Renegade Glass' Line of 9mm Pipes Ever wondered what a difference thicker glass could make?  We want to introduce you to our line of affordable, American made, 9mm Pipes! When buying glass, customers consider so many factors; Name Brand, price, general aesthetic appeal.  Oddly, one of the most important factors to the longevity and overall function of a piece, particularly a daily driver type flower piece, is glass thickness and quality. Let's delve into quality first... Glass Quality The higher quality of glass a pipe is made from, given the glass is produced with a certain level of skill, the better the build and the better looking the glass will be.  This isn't just for aesthetics, this...

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Introducing Renegade Glass

We're proud to introduce Renegade Glass!  Glass for when you're feeling adventurous. 100% Made in the USA We proudly manufacture our full line of Glass Pipes in Anaheim, CA!  We have striven to make this line of affordable, sturdy, top-quality glass pipes the very best of American Made Glass Bongs.  And there's more than one reason to Shop American & Buy Local!   American made pipes support our economy, but they are also higher quality and better executed while maintaining an affordable price point.                         Each piece of Renegade Glass is stamped with Made in U.S.A.  Sturdy Renegade glass is expertly crafted by industry experts with years and years in the glass game....

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