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How To Shop For The Perfect Bong

So you're looking for that beautiful new bong? It may seem like a daunting task at first with the seemingly infinite possibilities. So where do you start? Well luckily, you have a couple of options to lift off.  Check your local smoke shop to see what brands of glass they carry. If you're looking for quality glass made in the United States, call and ask that neighborhood smoke shop if they carry Renegade Glass on their shelves. Most smoke shops are experts on glass, so they will be able to tackle any questions you've been pondering.  Your second option to find that new perfect piece would be browsing the world wide web, and seeing as how you've landed on this page,...

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Why Buy American Glass? We're Here to Fill You In.

Why Buy American Glass?  We're Here to Fill You In. It's common knowledge that many of the products and goods we buy here in American are made in China, India, Indonesia, or any country with a low cost of labor.  As American's we've really only recently become aware of just how much of what we buy is coming from overseas, and we've enjoyed years of ultra-affordable pricing on everyday goods (hello Walmart).  But laws are changing quickly here in American, and today there are more people partaking than ever; that means an enormous increase in demand for affordable pipes.  Chinese manufacturers, most likely capable of producing a quality product, are cutting corners and risking the health of the consumer in...

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New Additions to the Renegade Family

New Additions to the Renegade Family The Renegade Family is proud to welcome some newcomers to the line up!  Building on our tradition of affordable, superior high quality American Made glass, we're introducing a line of upgraded tubes that we know will suit your needs.   Renegade 18" Beaker with Showerhead Perc - 5mm Let's start with the big boy!  At just 18" tall this beaker will give you all the chug-chug-alug you can handle.  It features a single neck perc chamber with a crisp showerhead perc for that extra filtration.  Always standard on our pipes, this piece includes an ice pinch, low-profile downstem and 14m Male slide.   Renegade 10" Stemless Inline Tube - 5mm This one is for all...

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Renegade Glass: A Classic and Quality Collection of American Made Glass Smoking Pipes, Bongs and Accessories

Renegade Glass: A Classic and Quality Collection of American Made Glass Smoking Pipes, Bongs and Accessories 100% Made in the USA We proudly manufacture our full line of Glass Pipes in Anaheim, CA!  Nestled right in the heart of Anaheim, so close to Disney you can practically taste the magic.  We have striven to make this line of affordable, sturdy, top-quality glass pipes the very best of American Made Glass Bongs.  And there's more than one reason to Shop American & Buy Local!   American made pipes support our economy, but they are also higher quality and better executed while maintaining an affordable price point. Now sold in hundreds of smoke shops nationwide, Renegade Glass is quickly becoming a favorite!  With clean sleek designs,...

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Downstem Drama; How to Measure Your Pipe for a New Downstem

Downstem Drama; How to Measure Your Pipe for a New Downstem Whether from preference or necessity, the time may come when you need to replace the downstem in your favorite piece. And it's harder than it sounds!  Consider the state of affairs (and some rather strict laws) in most parts of the country and the world, you can't bring in a damaged piece to get it sized at your local head shop, let alone call it a bong instead of a "tobacco water pipe."  Clever smokers that we all are, we've figured out the best way around that rule.  Here's your complete guide to sizing, measuring and finding the perfect downstem replacement for you pipe!   First things first, what...

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