Renegade Glass is On Sale for the Summer!

Summer is Finally Here, and the Renegade Glass Team Wants you to Celebrate in Style!

Proudly manufactured in Anaheim, CA, is your one stop shop for Beakers, Straight Tubes & the Accessories you need to stay smoking all summer long - 10% Off for this month only!

Looking for a straight tube that will make the perfect, sleek daily driver?  Check out the 14" Pinched Tube, normally $75, Now $67.50!

Is small and discreet more your style?  We have three lovely little 8.5" Straight Tubes, in Clear, Black and Blue! Save 10% on all this summer, right here, with no coupon code.  Once $60, this sweet little guy will only set you back $54!

Is a beaker more your style?  We know some of you are partial to the glug-glug and we would have to agree.  Our 10" Bent Neck beaker is the perfect size without sacrificing the width of the base or the angle of the joint.

Or maybe 9mm Thick Glass is more your speed?  Our line of 9mm Beakers is sure to please, and while they to tend to be more expensive, the bigger the savings are during our sale!  Take our signature 18" 9mm Beaker, normally $160 is only $144 until the end of the month!


Whatever your smoking needs are, Renegade Glass has you covered!  

*Exclusive Distribution through Master Minded