New Additions to the Renegade Family

New Additions to the Renegade Family

The Renegade Family is proud to welcome some newcomers to the line up!  Building on our tradition of affordable, superior high quality American Made glass, we're introducing a line of upgraded tubes that we know will suit your needs.  

Renegade 18" Beaker with Showerhead Perc - 5mm

Let's start with the big boy!  At just 18" tall this beaker will give you all the chug-chug-alug you can handle.  It features a single neck perc chamber with a crisp showerhead perc for that extra filtration.  Always standard on our pipes, this piece includes an ice pinch, low-profile downstem and 14m Male slide.  

Renegade 10" Stemless Inline Tube - 5mm

This one is for all you dabbers out there!  While almost all of our tubes come with a downstem and slide, this little stemless number with a sleek inline perc is designed to go with your favorite quartz banger!  The relatively small size of this piece makes it the perfect transformer - it's great for both flower and oil!


Renegade 10" Beaker with Built in Downstem - 5mm

This beaker with built in pierced-hole diffuser downstem is everything we love about a pipe - excellent filtration and zero hassle!  You'll love the convenience of the 14m Female fitting - this is another transformer tube, easily transitioning between oil and flower attachments.


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