Heavy Weighs the Head: Renegade Glass' Line of 9mm Pipes

Heavy Weighs the Head: Renegade Glass' Line of 9mm Pipes

Ever wondered what a difference thicker glass could make?  We want to introduce you to our line of affordable, American made, 9mm Pipes!
When buying glass, customers consider so many factors; Name Brand, price, general aesthetic appeal.  Oddly, one of the most important factors to the longevity and overall function of a piece, particularly a daily driver type flower piece, is glass thickness and quality. Let's delve into quality first...

Glass Quality

The higher quality of glass a pipe is made from, given the glass is produced with a certain level of skill, the better the build and the better looking the glass will be.  This isn't just for aesthetics, this is extremely significant to a break-resistant build.  Glass quality is primarily determined by the exact property and type of glass and the skill level of the glass blower. Most brand name pieces above a certain price point, and also those made in the USA, will generally be made of high quality borosilicate glass; This glass is used in the production of lab equipment, and goes through a certain firing process which adds to the overall strength of the piece.  
You may be tempted to save $10-$20 on an import piece (or, let's face it, sometimes a lot more) but they are missing out on the durability of true borosilicate glass, crafted and fired properly.  There are many factors which can help you determine glass quality - and a Chinese pipe is easily spotted at the lower price point.  American made, quality glass will have;

+ Minimal bubbles under the surface
+ A uniform appearance to sister pieces
+ A well formed and well-molded joint - Anywhere where two pieces of glass where connected should be seamless and almost invisible.

Glass Thickness

Glass thickness plays a huge part in the durability of a piece.  Beyond having a quality glass blower properly using the right materials, it's the other primary factor in longevity of a glass piece.
Most importantly, these principals reflect the popularity of 9mm pipes.  9mm Glass here refers to the millimeter thickness of the glass itself, and one would think that this applies to the thickness of the entire tube.  An American glassblower will utilize extra tubing (at additional cost) to extend the 9mm thickness around the base of a beaker - meaning that every inch of that beaker bottom has 9mm tubing.  A Chinese product pipe will over-extend that tubing until the thickness drops down under 7mm at the weakest, most blown out corners of the base of the pipe, leaving the area most vulnerable to breaking significantly less thick than the tubing above.

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