Clean Sweep - The Top 5 Bong Cleaners

Clean Sweep - The Top 5 Bong Cleaners

Sigh... Nothing takes you back to your proverbial youth, whether that be 10 minutes ago or 10 years ago, than a nasty dirty pipe.  Unlike most things, pipes don't get dirty from dis-use and neglect, but rather from exuberant and abundant use - just how we like it.  Here at Renegade Glass, we know that you want to put your daily driver back to work, but you'll need a little help first.  That's why we've narrowed down the top 5 pipe cleaners for your careful consideration!

1. Formula 420

Formula 420 Original Formula

  Formula 420 is the industry standard for a reason!  They have a broad selection of excellent products and are well known within the community of active smokers.  With a specific formula dedicated to each and every specific need you might have, this line of products is versatile as hell.  We love the fact that their AbrasivAction Technology makes cleaning effortless and painless.  The best part about using Formula 420 to clean your pipe?  Their reusable formula has a delicious citrus scent


2. Resolution Cleaner & Cleaning Caps

Resolution Pipe Cleaner and Cleaning Caps

  A Colorado-based company, Resolution provides both caps to cap the ends of your pipe, and a great solution to cleaning small parts and pieces!  The universal caps stretch easily but also have a middle section on each which allows for gripping smaller opening on your glass.  Keep all your cleaning solution inside and shake with ease!  The uses are really endless - you can pack a bowl and cap it, fill your pipe with clean water and take it with you on the go, your only limit is your imagination.


3. Dark Crystal Clear

Dark Crystal Clear Cleaner  Although this potion is marketed heavily towards Quartz, we've found it works just as well on Renegade tubes and is worth a note in particular because it is a plant-derived cleaner made from all natural ingredients.  The makers of DC Clear (as it's become known) say their solution is so natural that you can drink it straight from the bottle!  We really don't recommend that though, given there are so many other great uses for this product.  It never expires and is completely re-usable no matter how dirty it gets - talk about value!

4. Resinate

  Resinate is another glass cleaner widely loved by smoke shop owners and their customers alike.  Resinate doesn’t leave any chemical odors after use and is also biodegradable and safe for the environment, which is always a plus. With two formulas, one geared at quick clean ups and one geared towards long soaks, Resinate is versatile but also targeted as a cleaner.  Resinate also tends to be a little less expensive than the other premium cleaners so that is really good for those on a budget.


5. Grunge Off

Grunge Off Cleaner

  This is definitely a specialty product for your treasured glass; it is not a fast acting solution but it is alcohol-free, reusable and produces excellent results, so long as you can be patient that is. Its a given that many cleaners, even those listed above, rely on shaking the pipe, cleaning it with a tool or something of that nature in order to loosen the material - with a high end (and expensive) pipe, you really don't want to be waiving it around your living room!  Be ready to conserve your resources though, because this cleaner is definitely at the top of the price range.